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Cheetos Museum

No two Cheetos® snacks are alike. They're made in a way that results in each one being completely unique. And every so often, they look like something familiar. Like a seahorse. Or a cat. Or Abe Lincoln. The Cheetos Museum, featuring real Cheetos found by real people that look like real things. It was the world's first collection of the most interesting Cheetos shapes in existence. Then we challenged Americans to curate the exhibit by submitting the most amazing Cheetos shapes they could find, sparking a nationwide hunt for the uncanny works of art in every bag. (https://goodbysilverstein.com)


Tags: Industry: Food
Company: Cheetos
Agency: Goodby Silverstein Partners
Country: United States
Prize: Cannes Lion Prize
Year: 2017
Creative Concept: Museum
Type of content: Commercial
Language: English
Level: Marketing mix level Public relations
Topics: Brand Marketing