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Budweiser - Ice Cold Index

Budweiser - Ice Cold Index

On a hot day, nothing’s better than an ice-cold beer. But wouldn’t it be amazing if as the temperature went up the price of beer came down? So this year we made this fantasy a reality, with the Budweiser Ice Cold Index: the hotter the day, the less you pay, all summer long. The free app showed your local temperature and how much you’d save that day. It even directed you to one of 2500 participating pubs and let you claim your pint for a reduced price, or, if it was really hot, for free. To promote the Index, we created a weatherman, but not your average weatherman, a Budweiser weatherman. ‘Scott Campbell’ promoted the Index across all media from TV to twitter and kept people up to date with all the campaign’s fun stuff. (http://tribalworldwide.com/)