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Laut Gegen Nazis "Like-Attack"

Laut Gegen Nazis "Like-Attack" (EN)

Our first call to the online protest against the NPD in Facebook has been adopted with great success. Hundreds comment posts had to the administrators of the NPD Facebook page yesterday suffered and still take a lot of female users and users in the operation "Like Attack" part. Although the possibilities of online were to post demonstrators, limited fast, but somehow no effect. "If no pictures are to be seen, then we write up", so the response of the participants of the "Like Attack". So many Nazi who cavorted there seemed rather amazed at what there on the page is going on so. With this action we wanted to set an example in the network finally. Our intention was not to deal with the NPD staff. Our intention was to provide especially the misanthropy of the right-wing extremists only. (http://www.lautgegennazis.de)

Tags: Industry: Government,No Profit
Company: Laut Gegen Nazis
Agency: Jung Von Matt
Country: Germany
Year: 2014
Language: English
Topics: Event Marketing, Street Marketing