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4 Year Olds Bucket List - Water is Life

4 Year Olds Bucket List - Water is Life


DDB NY and WATERisLIFE launched an emotional campaign titled, “Kenya Bucket List,” where a film crew travelled to Kenya to take a four-year-old Maasai boy named Nkaitole (pronounced Guytolie), who’s never been out of his remote African village, on an adventure to do all the things he’s always wanted to do before he dies. Why? Because in Sub-Saharan Africa where he lives, unsafe drinking water is one of the main causes of death for one in five children under the age of five.

DDB has launched a series of print ads featuring scenes from Nkaitole’s bucket list trip that included flying and seeing the ocean. The ads feature photographs and copy about his experience. (www.ddb.com)

Tags: Industry: Government
Company: Water is Life
Agency: DDB
Country: Kenya
Prize: One Show
Year: 2013
Creative Concept: Emotion
Type of content: Video case study
Language: English
Level: Marketing mix level - Direct marketing
Topics: Emotional Marketing