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Dill Restaurant Lidl

Dill Restaurant Lidl

Its a common belief that low price means low quality. Lidl tried very hard to make their customers belief that they can get high quality at low price.
To change this mindset of Swedish consumers about discount store, they opened up a restaurant in Stockholm. They rearranged the name Lidl to DiLL which was a huge success and was fully booked and crowded. No one new that all the ingredients used were bought from discount store Lidl. DILL closed after three weeks proving the point that Lidl's low priced food lives up to highest of the standards.

Tags: Industry: Food
Company: Water is Life
Agency: Ingo,Ingo Stockholm
Country: Sweden
Prize: Eurobest,One Show
Year: 2013
Type of content: Video case study
Language: English
Level: Market level - Changing the need
Topics: Brand Marketing, Social Marketing