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AUDI GPS - Geopositioned Stories

AUDI GPS - Geopositioned Stories

Audi GPS: Geopositioned Stories, the first GPS designed for losing yourself. To celebrate its birthday, customers were given the experience to drive around an open-air museum: Over 400 km and 480 minutes of narrated routes for getting carried away throughout cities all around Spain to listen from their vehicle. A mailing was sent out along with a personalised emailing with the postal address of the client which indicated the closest route to their home. The cost of incentives of the loyalty-building programme was reduced by 65%, maintaining the customer satisfaction level at 28%. 96% of the clients downloaded at least one of the routes and toured the cities on the site in an average of 11 minutes.

Tags: Industry: Automotive
Company: Audi
Agency: Proximity,Proximity Barcelona
Country: Spain
Prize: Caples Awards,El Sol
Year: 2012
Type of content: Video case study
Language: English
Topics: Brand Marketing