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A Personal Apology (Just for you)

A Personal Apology (Just for you)

Due to a distribution problem in late 2010, o.b. tampons went off the shelves. Women were upset at the sudden loss of their brand, and we needed to apologize. So, we created a customized song and music video for each person on the o.b. database, and took the personalization of web content to a whole new level in the process. We recorded literally thousands of unique names for an original song, and displayed each name to spectacular visual effect in a tender ode called, A Personal Apology (just for you). After a remarkably positive response from both the target and the media, the video stands as a testament to successful crisis management and true corporate responsibility. (https://www.youtube.com/)

Tags: Industry: Healthcare
Company: O.b.
Agency: Lowe Roche
Country: Canada
Prize: Cannes Lion Prize,London International Awards
Year: 2012
Type of content: Video case study
Language: English
Topics: Digital Marketing