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Rain for sale

Rain for sale

Lloro is a town in the poorest region of Colombia, and one of the rainiest towns in the world. But, because of its low economic resources, the town lacks access to potable water. The Coca-Cola Company had an idea. Sell the rain. They persuaded the Lloro townspeople to collect their rainwater and store it in recycled glass bottles. The townspeople then handpainted the bottles, turning the water into a branded product, created and designed by them. At a special event, the Coca-Cola Company sold the bottled rainwater and the funds collected were used to pay for the installation of a water treatment plant in Lloro, offering potable water to over 10,000 people. (http://www.dandad.org)


Tags: Industry: Beverage
Company: Coca Cola
Agency: Ogilvy Mather
Country: Colombia
Prize: Cannes Lion Prize,DAD Awards
Year: 2013
Creative Concept: Fundraising
Type of content: Video case study
Language: English
Level: Market level - Changing the activity
Topics: Brand Marketing, Fundraising