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Girls Ice Cream Breakup

To help fans get over the fact the cast of GIRLS were leaving them, we created GIRLS Break Up Ice Cream. Three special ice cream flavors were created, and given suitably scathing heart-broken names. They were then delivered to fans’ homes via our custom sad ice cream truck as they binge watched the final episodes of their favorite show. Then on the back of the packaging, we also included something to make sure the fans didn’t break up with NEON – a list of shows on our platform that would help them get over the end of GIRLS, and prevent them from cancelling their subscription. (https://www2.spikes.asia)


Tags: Industry: Advertising
Company: Sky
Agency: DDB
Country: New Zealand
Prize: Cannes Lion Prize,Spikes Asia
Year: 2018
Creative Concept: Cushion in Advance
Type of content: Video case study
Language: English
Level: Market level - Changing the occasion
Topics: Event Marketing