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Skoda - Change My Car

Skoda - Change My Car

We decided to organise a rather original casting session, an exercise aimed at finding the most clapped-out car in Spain. Why? In order to destroy it and give the owner a Skoda Yeti in its place. In line with the way other casting sessions are run we asked the public to upload creative videos and/or photos of their old cars and tell us why they deserved to win. Once the level of decrepitude had been assessed by "our technicians", the ten cars that earned the highest number of "don't likes" on the website went on to the grand finale. The winner, a Talbot-owner, witnessed on live television -- in a programme broadcast during primetime -- the destruction of his car and its replacement ("Change my car") with a Skoda Yeti.




Tags: Industry: Automotive
Agency: Proximity
Country: Spain
Year: 2013
Type of content: Video case study
Language: English
Level: Marketing mix Level - Social Media
Topics: Promotion, Social Media Marketing