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The Nation's Bike

For an Indian family, purchase of a first bike symbolises progress and prosperity. It gives them a sense of joy, happiness and the hope that they would continue to move forward strongly on the path of success. The new campaign for CT100 #KhushiyonKaJackpot brings alive the emotion of happiness and the spontaneity that a new bike brings to an Indian family. It aims to disrupt the traditional belief that responsibility and fun are mutually exclusive, by elevating the brand’s core proposition of “refreshing ride that revitalizes life” from an individual space to that of relationships. In an age where sustained personal and professional pressures significantly erode excitement levels in married lives, the campaign attempts to help couples across India bring their spark back – make their life Zing Zong again. (http://leoburnett.co.in)


Tags: Industry: Automotive
Company: BAJAJ
Agency: Leo Burnett
Country: India
Prize: Cannes Lion Prize,DAD Awards
Year: 2017
Creative Concept: Emotion,Multilevel
Type of content: Commercial
Language: English
Level: Marketing mix level - Advertising
Topics: Brand Marketing, Emotional Marketing