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The Nest Address

Together with Enel Romania & The Ornithological Society of Romania, we created The Nest Address, a geolocation app that people can use to send GPS coordinates of any stork nest they see. It is the first mobile crowd-sourced initiative to keep storks safe. Anyone with a smartphone can now send nest locations, that will even receive physical addresses. The Nest Address is an easy-to-use geolocation tool. When seeing a stork nest, people take a picture of it using the app. The photo is automatically embedded with the precise GPS coordinates and sent to Enel. Users can choose to add further data: number of birds, nest condition etc. The locations are received by Enel headquarters, that sends teams to check and secure nests. (http://www.publicis.ro)

Tags: Industry: No Profit
Company: Enel
Agency: Publicis
Country: Romania
Prize: Cannes Lion Prize
Year: 2018
Creative Concept: Satellite transmission
Type of content: Research
Language: English
Level: Marketing mix Level - Social Media
Topics: Street Marketing