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Rexona - Bad Timing

Rexona - Bad Timing

Launch of Rexona in Vietnam coincided with World Cup. They saw world cup as a barrier rather than an opportunity because Rexona could have been easily ignored during the world's most nosiest event. There was a need to link Rexona to Football. They paired up technology that had never been seen before in Vietnam with something all men. Constantly think about, women. They Went online avoid the noise and get the man one-on-one so he would notice the new launch. As a result with the investment of 95,000 USD they managed to get 79% of our nation-wide target audience.

Tags: Industry: Beauty
Company: Rexona
Agency: Lowe
Country: Viet Nam
Prize: Asian Marketing Effectiveness Award
Year: 2012
Creative Concept: Convert Harm Into Benefit,Game,interaction,Technology
Type of content: Video case study
Language: English
Level: Product level - Product
Topics: Brand Marketing