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Remotely controlled boot


Remotely controlled boot

We enable clients to experience at their homes the comfort of using remotely controlled boot of the new Skoda Superb Estate. We took advantage of the fact that most Poles watch TVP1 on channel 1 and TVP2 on channel 2. This is a Polish peculiarity dating back to Communist times when only these two TV channels were available. So we screened two spots simultaneously on the respective channels: one with the boot opened, the other with the boot closed. By changing the channels, viewers could experience the comfort of remotely controlled boot while the ad was being screened. Just as if they were actually at the showroom. (www.changewarsaw.com)



Tags: Industry: Automotive
Company: Skoda,Volkswagen
Agency: Change Integrated
Country: Poland
Year: 2010
Type of content: Video case study
Language: English
Level: Product level - Product
Topics: Brand Marketing