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Several studies on communication have raised an important input: ¾ of the impact of a message depends on the way it’s been communicated, only ¼ depends on the effective content.

It’s important to learn how to communicate in the most efficient way.

This course is focused on the development of rhetorical abilities, of communicative strategies and of elaboration of the speech, both written and oral. The acquired methods range from the classical rhetoric to more developed methods about communication, proposing the IDEAM™ method.


  • To provide tools and practical guidance on how to make communication more persuasive.
  • To train yourself with a structured method for the construction of speeches and presentations.
  • To increase rhetorical and communicative ability one to many.
  • To know how to apply communicative strategies of success for objections and questions.
  • To know and apply the features of a great orator.
  • To train your own mental state of excellence.


2 days path + 1 day of follow up


Interactive methodology with some theoretical moments with practical exercitations and simulations.


  1. IDEAM method:
    • Inventio
    • Dispositio
    • Elocutio
    • Actio
    • Memoria
  2. Creative techniques for rhetoric;
  3. How to generate a well-structured speech;
  4. Persuasion techniques applied to rhetoric;
  5. Manage your state of mind in public speaking;
  6. How to elaborate a good presentation;
  7. Tools of the rhetor: what they are and how to use them;
  8. Non-verbal communication.
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