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How to use the thinking to have more productive and quicker meetings.

Everyday thousands of meetings take place: useless, expensive and in the wrong way. Only in the US, the annual cost for “bad meetings” is 37 billion of dollars a year. Middle managers spend 35% of the time in meetings and top managers more than 50%, on average.

Meethink™ course was developed in order to maximise people’s time during meetings and make them more productive. In fact, thanks to the techniques acquired during the course, the participants will learn an easy method that will allow them to save time during meetings and to increase the quantity and the quality of ideas.

Moreover, thanks to the Meethink™ profile test, the participants will discover their dominant thinking styles and the ones of their colleagues too.


  • 50% of time saved during meetings.
  • To increase from 100% till 500% the number of ideas during business meetings.
  • To discover the dominant thinking styles.
  • To get to know the creative process for meetings (in addition to brainstorming).


  • Base course 2 days
  • Customised coaching

Methodologies base course 2 days

Interactive methodology: theoretical moments and practical exercitation and simulations during the class.

Test - Meethinker™: a test that allow you to discover your thinking styles, and understand what blocks you during meeting management.


The three phases of Meethink™:

  1. Before the meeting
  2. During the meeting
  3. After the meeting

The parallel thinking and the 10 thinking styles for meetings.

Test - Meethinker™

A test to discover your thinking styles to identify how to exploit the potential, both individual and of the group, in order to have more efficient meetings.

Meeting typologies:

  1. Analytic/evaluative
  2. Creative
  3. OrganizActional
  4. Communicative/informative
  5. Motivational

Management of the most frequent mistakes during meetings:

  1. Wrong objectives
  2. Too long meetings
  3. No shared rules
  4. Time management before and after meetings

Emotions during meetings:

  1. “Dead of reunion”: the re-born of passion
  2. Transform conflict into opportunity for the group (how to motivate and non-demotivate people during the “Meethink”)

4 roles of a Meethink™

  1. Leader
  2. Facilitator
  3. Recorder
  4. Participants
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