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The natural functioning of memory means that, after 1 month, we remember just 3% of what we have read and learnt.

This means that the wealth of information we have learnt is intended to be lost.

Applying the memory strategies, it’s possible to improve in a significative way this input, getting to remember in a spontaneous way about 70% of the memorised information after 1 month.


  • To learn techniques and methods on how to increase mnemonic abilities.
  • To remember a speech, a presentation and informative contents of any type of presentation.


2 days path with the support of a e-learning and customised coaching + 1 day of follow up


Interactive methodology includes theoretical moments with practical exercitations, simulations, on line coaching.


  1. Mind functioning and his phenomena;
  2. Born of the memory and his properties;
  3. Data elaboration process;
  4. Memory typologies;
  5. Strategies to enhance our memory;
  6. Mind status and concentration management for memorizing;
  7. Memory techniques (mnemonics);
  8. “Loci” technique;
  9. “Storiella” technique;
  10. Photomind;
  11. How to remember numbers, formulas and codes: the superior system;
  12. To remember names and faces;
  13. Mindmaps;
  14. Strategy to memorise a book.
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