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Statistics say that a well-trained lecturer can read 200 words in a minute (w/m) and he is able to understand 30% of the meaning, on average.

ReADAR course is focused on the development of abilities that allow you to increase the reading speed and, most important thing, comprehension.


  • Duplicate/Triplicate your own reading speed and your comprehension level of texts.
  • Decrease the reading time.
  Speed (w/m)      Comprehension % Reading Coefficient %
Before the course 200 w/m 30% 60%
After the course 400 w/m 70% 280%


2 days path + 1 days of follow up


Interactive methodology with some theoretical moments with practical exercitations, simulations, an entrance test and a final test to measure results, on line platform and coaching.


1. Entrance test on reading;

2. Reading process and strategies;

  1. Preparations
  2. Preview
  3. Fluent reading
  4. Fast reading

3. Techniques on how to focus the attention;

4. Intuitive reading, PhotoReading®;

5. Techniques on how to increase natural speed in reading: saccadic movements speed and focal field/area widening;

6. Active reading: sq3r method for the reading quality;

7. Active elaboration techniques of read information;

8. Management of focusing natural rhythm;

9. Reading motivation;

10. Final test to measure progresses on reading performance.

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