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Creative Concept
Total: 2 results found.
Tag: Agency:Ogilvy Mather Mumbai
Help a child reach 5
Help a child reach 5 For the past 10 years, Lifebuoy soap has tried to help prevent these deaths by teaching children the simple act of washing hands with soap. We now take our life saving mission to Thesgora, an Indian village with one of the highest rates of Diarrhoea. (http://www.lifebuoy.com/)
Akanksha's Message Barter
Akanksha's Message Barter In India what do you do when you don't have money for advertising? You 'force' celebrities to campaign for you! Akanksha, an NGO, runs schools for underprivileged children and needed teachers. Ogilvy & Mather Mumbai tried an experiment called 'Message Barter' - with school children spreading a message for India's biggest celebrities and in return, they asked them to ...