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Creative Concept
Total: 5 results found.
Tag: Agency:Pereira O'Dell San Francisco
Netscout's Lo and Behold Pereira & O'Dell
The film explores the unstoppable digital transformation that's sweeping the world as we know it. It examines the power and fragility of our connected world, featuring leaders at the forefront of technology, including luminaries such as Elon Musk and Sebastian Thrun, among others. (https://pereiraodell.com)    
The Impossible Family Portrait
The Impossible Family Portrait Pereira & O’Dell has introduced for Skype three short stories for its “Stay Together” campaign that focus on family and friends keeping in touch over long distances. Their accounts are wildly different, heartfelt approaches to living apart from loved ones. The first of the series, “The Impossible Family Portrait,” tells the story of Denis&nb ...
Airbnb #SochiProblems
Airbnb #SochiProblems When journalists began tweeting about the harsh accommodations in Sochi using the hashtag #SochiProblems, Airbnb was quick to react by tweeting directly to journalists with available Airbnb listings in Sochi.Sochi 2014 has also been coined as the "Viral Games" and in this quick-thinking real time marketing effort on Twitter, Airbnb took the gold! Airbnb successfully made  ...
Skype "Stay Together" Campaign
Skype "Stay Together" Campaign A campaign blog hosts additional content, as well as a contest where people can share and vote on real stories of how they use Skype to stay in communication with faraway family and friends. A Bing interactive map also allows users to explore stories and view friends and family in faraway locations. (http://www.pereiraodell.com/)  
Intel and Toshiba's "The Beauty Inside"
Intel and Toshiba's "The Beauty Inside" - Case Study A man wakes up as a different person every morning - and one day, he falls in love. It's an intriguing premise, but not quite right for Hollywood where movies need one or two unchanging stars. What it is perfect for, however, is social media where involving as many people as possible is the whole point. (http://showcase.noagencyname.com/) ...