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Creative Concept
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Responsibly, The Beer
Ubrew is a small brewing company based in London. They asked us to launch a new low alcohol beer brand with a small media investment but with a strong digital based idea with a high communication value. A smart, disruptive idea able to stand out from the crowd of the multi millionaire beers campaign. Something that people want to talk about. (http://www.mccannhealth.com)  
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eBay - Havas Worldwide Australia
eBay Cannes case study - Havas Worldwide Australia Working with eBay’s developers, Havas modified their search algorithm on a themed microsite to deliver results based on two search terms rather than one, creating pages of truly unique gift ideas. To create content, TVCs and drive earned media, they showcased two mums who have a really tough time buying at Christmas, and helped them find pr ...