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Tinnyvision was in breach of Snapchat’s terms of use on two fronts. Firstly our snaps were not live. We shot in advance and sent the series of snaps to each new viewer on the day they followed. To appear authentic, snaps were cued to send at a time that matched the time of day in the video. Secondly, we were using Snapchat to hold a branded message. At the time of launch, this was not something they offered. We overcame these two hurdles by working directly with Snapchat to negotiate a unique, free, use case. The subject matter presented another hurdle. To be authentic, our story had to include realistic depictions of illegal drug use. Marijuana is illegal in NZ. In traditional mediums, this would be a risk a New Zealand government agency could not wear. Snapchat, by its very nature, provided us a great solution. Snaps are ethereal. View them once, and their gone. No incriminating evidence! (https://www.spikes.asia)