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Green Light Run

The run offered the opportunity to complete a full marathon (42.195km) through Tokyo. Tokyo has a staggering 15,772 Signals,making it impossible to complete an uninterrupted urban run. The urban race through the streets of Tokyo was brought to life with traffic data provided by the police, and taking traffic light patterns, distance, timing and safety into account. The marathon was held from midnight to dusk, with 30 runner selected from 180 applicants across the country. The runners were tracked and alerted when they were in danger of missing the next green light. The rule, “Get Stopped, Get Dropped,” required runners to keep up to a blistering designated pace, with those stopped by a red light being eliminated from the race. (https://www.thedrum.com)


Tags: Industry: Advertising
Company: Adidas
Agency: TBWA
Country: Japan
Prize: Cannes Lion Prize,DAD Awards
Year: 2017
Creative Concept: competition
Type of content: Commercial
Language: English,Japanese
Level: Market level - Changing the activity
Topics: Brand Marketing