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Price on the Jersey

Walmart’s offers showed up on the field on Fluminense de Feira jerseys during the finals of the Championship. Walmart sent the offers available each week in their stores and was been printed these offers on players’ jerseys. The next week, after the offer was changed, he played wearing another number of a different product offer. This was done with each player, who played in each game wearing a different offer. The team’s great performance helped increase the brand’s exposure even more. With televised games playing on prime time, they were able to show Walmart’s offers not only for those who were at at the stadium watching the games live, but also for everyone else who followed the games on television or radio. (http://www.ddb.com)


Tags: Industry: Advertising
Company: Walmart
Agency: DDB Sao Paulo
Country: Brazil
Prize: Cannes
Year: 2017
Creative Concept: Customization
Type of content: Video case study
Language: English,Portuguese
Level: Place
Topics: Event Marketing