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Black Supermarket

llegal BlackSupermarkets were created in Carrefour’s stores nationally to sell illegal varieties of cereals, vegetables, and fruits. Is been asked people to join the cause by buying our illegal range in our stores and by signing our petition on Change.org to change the law. Print, outdoor, web films and our instore BlackSupermarket installations revealed the absurdity of the law, and turned our illegal producers into national heroes. Against the law, we signed a 5-year supply contract with them, invited key-opinion-leaders to witness the signature, and the donation of 1Million€ for farmers’ seeds preservation.
They chose the illegal path to make sure we’d be heard by key-opinion-leaders, the public, and politicians up to Brussels where decisions are made. It was the first time a retailer broke the law to make it change. (http://www.marcelww.com)


Tags: Industry: Food
Company: Carrefour
Agency: Marcel Paris
Country: France
Prize: Cannes Lion Prize
Year: 2018
Creative Concept: Genius Marketing
Type of content: Commercial
Language: English,French
Level: Market level - Changing the activity
Topics: Direct Marketing