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Markethinking Styles

markethinking styles 1

Markethink™ is a useful approach to the development of a business in which the most efficient techniques of creativity integrate in order to develop customers and solutions in an innovative way. Every participant will do a test designed for a specific purpose of “Markethink thinking Styles” developed by Massimo Soriani Bellavista. The test will allow the class to identify the dominant styles and will help the participants in developing their excellence areas.


  • To recognise and to overcome your own blocks/boundaries to a personal and organisational level in respect of the thinking styles that impact in a negative way the market strategies.
  • To optimize time for the creation of Business ideas for marketing and sales.
  • Proved efficient strategies to innovate:
    • Mature markets
    • Creation of new markets (Lateral Marketing)


  • 2 days base course
  • Formative path (3 days, 2+ 1 day)


The didactic methodology will be very active and challenging. From the beginning, participants will apply what they have learned in order to be able to use it at work.

In this way, participants strengthen the learned techniques and turn them into real habits of creativity and strategic thought, simple and efficient.


Base: from Lateral Marketing to Markethink

  • Introduction
  • Basis of Marketing and Lateral Marketing
  • Markethink: developed model of parallel thinking applied to marketing
  • Techniques:
    • To define marketing and sales focus
    • To increase ideas (from 100 to 500%) in half the time
    • How to “sell” ideas in the company

Development of the quantity and quality of ideas for the Markethink

  • Focus on the creation of a huge quantity of ideas in a very short time

  • Introduction to the increment of the ideas’ quality; access to the innovations’ database of marketing (Ideabase – more than 1000 cases of success, profit and no-profit)

Applications of Markethink process

  • Practical thinking

  • Sell of ideas in action

  • Churn, improvement of the idea