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Creative Concept
Total: 2 results found.
Tag: Agency:Lowe Ginkgo Montevideo
Radio recorded in the trunk
Radio recorded in the trunk To promote the launch of Renault Symbol with huge trunk see of 560 liter in Uruguay, they had budget for radio advertisement only. They creatively used radio by recording a radio show inside the trunk of the car and listeners were asked to visit the website to see the actual recording. This idea was a great success.
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Portraits Against Oblivion
Portraits Against Oblivion In the midst of the presidential campaign, we put the issue of “Missing Persons” on the agenda of the media, giving each candidate Portraits against forgetting. Photographs of people who are still missing since the military dictatorship. Within seconds of being exposed to the light the pictures faded and a message appeared, claiming that the search must go on. This act ...