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Creative Concept
Total: 2 results found.
Tag: Country:Portugal
"A hunter shoots a bear"
Tipp-ex Case Study - "A hunter shoots a bear" For the first time ever, we engaged viewers  and allowed them to change the name of a video and to rewrite the story. They created the Tippexperience. It started with a video called "a hunter shoots a bear". Viewers can write and rewrite anything they want. As many times as they want. Directly in the title of the video.  
Good as Gold - Magnum Gold
Good as Gold - Magnum Gold How do you stand out in the ice cream category? The opportunity to live up to the expectations that magnum sells more than ice cream, it was time to make statement with an ice cream that only a leader can think of. They came up with Magnum Gold and made it limited edition and aimed to sell only 75 million units.
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