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Adidas Rock The Pitch Case Study

Adidas Rock The Pitch Case Study

As the official sponsor, supplier and licensee of Major League Soccer, adidas launched its U.S. soccer marketing initiative, MLS Represent with a cutting-edge music artist or band from rock, pop, hip-hop, Latin and punk genres to write and record an original song that represents each MLS team and its home city. Team anthems and chants have a longstanding history in soccer around the world and MLS Represent was created to capture this camaraderie and passion inherent in the sport. Fans have the opportunity to customize music videos online using the anthems mashed-up with MLS footage and can then share their videos with friends and rivals, giving all U.S. soccer fans a new way to "represent" their favorite MLS team. (https://news.creativecow.net/)

Tags: Industry: Music,Shoes,Sports
Company: Adidas
Agency: EVB
Country: United States
Year: 2009
Language: English
Topics: Brand Marketing