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OPSM 'Penny the Pirate' Case Study

Opsm tooks the eye test to children by creating Penny the Pirate, available for free as a book and interactive app, it’s the first medical tool to test children’s eye health as you a read a story to them. There wasn’t a standard eye screening tool for children, so we had to start from scratch.Penny is on track to give 300,000 children an eye test, which has already seen a huge increase in kids eyewear sales since launch. The app has also reached number one Health & Fitness App in the App Store.

Tags: Industry: Healthcare,No Profit
Company: OPSM
Agency: Saatchi Saatchi
Country: Australia
Prize: Cannes Lion Prize
Year: 2016
Creative Concept: family,Game
Type of content: Video case study
Language: English
Level: Market level - Changing the activity
Topics: Brand Marketing