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There Will Be Haters

#THEREWILLBEHATERS is a bulletproof campaign that actively encourages 'hate'. A brutally simple and unexpectedly honest film calls out the trolls before they've even said a word. Supported by a real-time social response campaign, the brand responded to consumer's posts both positive and negative. We reframed the brand's role from kit maker to Supplier of Confidence. Players need full confidence to play at their best, and abuse from opposing fans and players chips away at that. Our answer? To embrace the abuse. To turn the negative comments into motivation. To recognise that the hate was actually a sign that you were doing something right.(http://www.iris-worldwide.com)


Tags: Industry: Gaming
Company: Adidas
Agency: Iris
Country: United Kingdom
Prize: Cannes Lion Prize,Clio Awards
Year: 2015
Creative Concept: competition,Game,Reverse
Type of content: Video case study
Language: English
Level: Market level - Changing the target
Topics: Digital Marketing