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The Game Report

Gaming startup Bytro Labs wanted to convince potential investors and merger partners of not only their game developing skills, but their economic expertise, too. So, Serviceplan built the first business report that's also a playable game. Distributed as a simple text file containing Bytro Labs' regular business report, the text was written and formatted in a way that allowed it to function as programme code. Upon changing the file extension from .txt to .html, the business data became programming parameters for a game. This meant recipients didn't have to just read the data, they could consume it as part of an interactive experience. (https://www.dandad.org)

Tags: Industry: Gaming
Agency: Serviceplan Group
Country: Germany
Prize: AME Awards
Year: 2015
Creative Concept: Matrioska
Type of content: Video case study
Language: English
Level: Product level - Product
Topics: Digital Marketing