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Creative Concept

Yaro Starak


Yaro Starak (born July 19, 1979) is an Australian internet marketer, blogger and owner of the website Entrepreneurs-Journey.com, a blog about entrepreneurship, internet marketing, selling information online and personal development. Yaro has been creating, buying and selling internet assets since 1998. He teaches people how to make a full-time income from blogging part time through his Blog Mastermind coaching program and how to launch online membership sites through his Membership Site Mastermind course.

Early Life

Yaro began a Business Management degree in 1998 at the University of Queensland, Brisbane, from which he graduated in 2001. During the University, he discovered an interest in Magic and he set up hobby sites devoted to it: the most popular one is MTGParadise. He decided to sell it in 2004 for $13,000.

In early 2005 he realised to be interested in blogging about internet business, so he started his Entrepreneurs-Journey blog. It was a pivotal point for him because at the time he was making enough money to live independently.

His blog, which makes over $20,000 a month and has over 100,000 subscribers, is a chronicle of his journey to transform his life and increase his income. Since starting the blog, Yaro has created and released a number of successful membership sites including Blog Mastermind, Become A Blogger (with Gideon Shalwick) and Membership Site Mastermind.

(Bibliography: http://www.wikiwarrior.com/wiki/Yaro_Starak_Biography,_Entrepreneurs-Journey )



website https://www.entrepreneurs-journey.com/

Twitter https://twitter.com/yarostarak


Tags: Industry: Computer
Company: Entrepreneurs-Journey.com
Country: Australia
Creative Concept: Global Marketing
Language: English

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