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Creative Concept

Jonathan Budd


Jonathan Budd is committed to “creating a world that works for all life” and to leaving “a better world than we found” for future generations. He fulfills this mission in his daily life and through leadership of several game-changing organizations.

After earning his bachelor’s degree in psychology, Jonathan turned to the home-based business industry. By age 26, he was one of the fastest and youngest success stories in the history of direct sales, earning his first $10,000,000 by that time. He founded Empowered Entrepreneurs to teach others the principles of entrepreneurship and modern day marketing that fueled his success and has served nearly 100,000 customers since then.

Jonathan’s drive is about more than financial success. It is about using that success to fulfill a deeper calling to give back to humanity. He founded The Global Transformation Council to support non-profit organizations that are making great transformational impact through innovative solutions to many of our world’s most challenging problems. Jonathan has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to support organizations such as The Pachamama Alliance, Freedom from Hunger, charity: water, among others.

Jonathan is also founder of Futuristic Marketing, LLC, a fresh, new approach to entrepreneurial training… an approach based on a community that supports one another and is empowered with all the right knowledge, information, teachings, AND tools to accomplish business goals and dreams.



Twitter https://twitter.com/jonathanbudd


Tags: Industry: Entrepreneurship
Company: Empowered Entrepreneurs,Futuristic Marketing
Country: United States
Creative Concept: sales theory
Language: English

Video Youniversity

Power CEO Jonathan Budd Speaks to All Direct Selling Professionals and Entrepreneurs

Power CEO Jonathan Budd Speaks to All Direct Selling Professionals and Entrepreneurs

The Power Vision by Jonathan Budd

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