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Creative Concept
Total: 6 results found.
Tag: Industry:Architecture
Folkoperan - Branding Case
Folkoperan - Branding Case People’s perception of Folkoperan is largely shaped by the plays they put on, and less by their reason to be – to make opera more accessible to everyone, regardless of age and background. This was the reason for a new design programme. The Art Deco inspired Opera house building. The building’s colourful red interior is carried through in our stationery and packa ...
OBI "Renovated Billboards"
OBI "Renovated Billboards" OBI pushes ads for DIY stores beyond showing paint, saws or hammers by advertising more beautiful homes. On different run down houses, OBI renovates an area the size of an advertising billboard. (https://www.youtube.com)  
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Coca-Cola Rainbow Nation
Coca-Cola Rainbow Nation - 20 years of democracy in South Africa In South Africa, a young democracy that has been dubbed 'The Rainbow Nation', April is Freedom month and 2014 marks the 20th anniversary of this democracy. In celebration of this, Coca-Cola are literally creating rainbows. Using sunlight, water, some fancy science and a little bit of magic, rainbows popped up all over the Johanne ...
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Airbnb #SochiProblems
Airbnb #SochiProblems When journalists began tweeting about the harsh accommodations in Sochi using the hashtag #SochiProblems, Airbnb was quick to react by tweeting directly to journalists with available Airbnb listings in Sochi.Sochi 2014 has also been coined as the "Viral Games" and in this quick-thinking real time marketing effort on Twitter, Airbnb took the gold! Airbnb successfully made  ...
BGH - My home is an oven
BGH - My home is an oven During summer there are a lot of houses that practically turn into an oven. So BGH decided to grant extra discounts to the houses that get exposed more to the sun than others. They created a sunshine-hour based discount system together with Google maps. The more hours your house is exposed to the sun, the more discount you get on a BGH air conditioner. (http://creative ...
HomePro The Other Side Project
HomePro The Other Side Project Every year HomePro's main media is a poster and sign-board with one side an advertising benefit. After the posters have served their time the government destroys them all. BBDO Bangkok came up with the idea to give them another use, knowing that many Thais fix their shelters with sign-boards. They decided to dedicate the other side of the sign-board to make th ...