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Creative Concept
Total: 9 results found.
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Sunny Sale
 Sunny Sale  We decided to give people a unique shopping experience that was only available at lunchtime. So, we created large three-dimensional QR codes that used sunlight and shadow so they could only be scanned between 12pm and 1pm. If a Shadow QR Code was scanned during the available times, people could enjoy special offers to purchase items via the Emart mobile app. The campaign w ...
TRUE WETSUITS BY QUIKSILVER Quiksilver Japan launched a revolutionary new product that enables Japan’s over-working businessmen to regain their work/surf balance. ‘TRUE WETSUITS’ are authentic, high quality wetsuits which can also be worn as suits on business occasions. With this revolutionary product, sports-minded workaholics can head straight from the beach to the boardroom. (http://ww ...
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Thailand A 5CM
  Thailand A 5CM In 2011 after Thailand was flooded and it was all over the media. As thailand is most known as a tourist country Thailand Tourism Authority of Thailand wanted to overcome the negative news and bring the tourist back to Thailand to those areas which were not affected. They started a campaign which was to take picture from 5cm above the steet level and share them online.  ...
The Real 3D Experience
  The Real 3D Experience In 2013 LG launched a campaign for LG optimus 3D. Mccann helped them to delelvoped a car in which by just watching the video made by Optimus 3D consumer will have a thrilling experience. Which eventually went viral and the sales for Optimus 3D in comparision of earlier years went 1000% up.    
Samsung Power Sleep
Samsung Power Sleep - Do good while you are sleeping Our smartphones‘ CPUs are powerful. What if we could donate this processing power to research, when we don‘t use it? Power Sleep is an Android app developed for Samsung Austria in cooperation with the University of Vienna. It works like an alarm clock – easy for everyone to understand and to use on smartphones and tablets. By simply set ...
Sound of Honda/Ayrton Senna 1989
Sound of Honda/Ayrton Senna 1989' - Cannes Lions 2014 The "Sound of Honda" was created out of Dentsu Tokyo and recreated racecar driver Ayrton Senna's 1989 record-setting lap during the Japanese F1 circuit in Suzuka in a mesmerizing sound and light-filled installation. The installation was built using real data recorded with the brand's "Internavi" telemetry navigation system, first launche ...
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Buick - Human Traffic Signs
Buick - Human Traffic Signs In China someone is injured in a traffic accident every three minutes, and every ten minutes, someone dies as result of one. Pedestrians and drivers failing to acknowledge and obey traffic signs is key to these tragic statistics. Working with client Buick of Shanghai General Motors, Lowe China has created a road safety campaign to alert drivers about obeying traffic s ...
Portraits Against Oblivion
Portraits Against Oblivion In the midst of the presidential campaign, we put the issue of “Missing Persons” on the agenda of the media, giving each candidate Portraits against forgetting. Photographs of people who are still missing since the military dictatorship. Within seconds of being exposed to the light the pictures faded and a message appeared, claiming that the search must go on. This act ...
WWF Ant rally
WWF Ant rally (Case Study) “Help” and “Ban the saw” – these are some of the slogans held aloft by hundreds of thousands of ants in a demonstration for the preservation of their habitat. An unusual protest march for the nature conservation organization WWF. (http://www.bbdo.de/en/)