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Creative Concept
Total: 3 results found.
Tag: Agency:Heimat
CNN Go beyond borders
  CNN Go beyond borders With the Ambient staging "Go Beyond Borders" CNN International brings its new slogan eye-catching awareness. 40 km of "Go Beyond Borders" - tape to make the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Berlin Wall through Berlin the former border again visible and tangible. (www.heimat-berlin.com)    
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Hornbach Hammer
Hornbach Hammer The DIY store chain HORNBACH does not just sell products, they supply passion for their customer's DIY projects. To manifest this, HORNBACH bought a tank and forged it into a DIY icon: 7000 hammers. The integrated campaign represents the journey of the hammer, how it became a symbol, as well as the hype that followed. (http://www.dandad.org)  
All eyes on the S4
All eyes on the S4 Find out how people in Zurich used their eyes to win a Samsung Galaxy S4 of their own. It's inbuilt Smart Pause function means the S4 knows when someone is looking at it. The longer a participant stares at the screen, the bigger the discount is. But watch out! The game ends the moment eye contact ends. An S4 was handed out for free after 60 minutes. (https://www.youtube.com/)  ...