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Creative Concept
Total: 5 results found.
Tag: Prize:Intercontinental Advertising Cup
Days of Hope 2013
Days of Hope Called 'Days of Hope', the idea originates from Saatchi & Saatchi Berlin (www.saatchi.de) and focuses on the impact the cold weather has on the many homeless people in Europe. Real people living on the streets are invited to a TV studio to present the weather in place of the regular weather-readers. When presenting the weather, the homeless person will allow the audience to take ...
Hornbach Hammer
Hornbach Hammer The DIY store chain HORNBACH does not just sell products, they supply passion for their customer's DIY projects. To manifest this, HORNBACH bought a tank and forged it into a DIY icon: 7000 hammers. The integrated campaign represents the journey of the hammer, how it became a symbol, as well as the hype that followed. (http://www.dandad.org)  
FAMILY REMEET CEBUANA LHUILLIER - Winner ADFEST 2014 Over 10 million Filipinos work abroad and countless others leave home to work in cities. These men and women are often separated from their families for years, working so they can send money back home. Without bank accounts, they use remittance shops. Cebuana Lhuillier wanted to be their preferred remittance service. To do this we showed tha ...
MegaFaces - Sochi 2014 MegaFon Pavilion AXIS/Asif Khan/iart MegaFaces Pavilion in the Olympic Park in Sochi was an interactive high-tech structure with gigantic 3D portraits of dozens thousands of Russian fans shown on one of its walls by means of a special technical solution. Each visitor of the pavilion could take part in 3D scanning and find their place in history. 3D po ...
COORDOWN - DEAR FUTURE MOM case study Il tema scelto è il diritto alla felicità e al benessere delle persone con sindrome di Down. L'obiettivo è quello di promuovere una cultura della diversità e una vera integrazione nella società, in particolar modo nel mondo della scuola e del lavoro. La campagna prende spunto da un’email che una futura mamma, in attesa di un figlio con sindrome di Dow ...