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Tag: Prize:New York Festival
Push to add drama
Push to add drama Launch of the new American TV channel TNT in Flanders, Belgium. TNT is a high quality entertainment channel that delivers fresh series, acclaimed films and insightful real life stories. Their tagline: We know drama. TNT's brand promise is 'TV worth talking about'. Our assignment was to make a launch campaign worth talking about. (http://www.duvalguillaume.com/)
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The Bible of Barbecue
The Bible of Barbecue  A beautiful book that you can keep on your shelf or tear to pieces to make the perfect barbecue.
Too Depressing
Too Depressing Du partnered up with VOX to offer people a mid-week taste of the weekend by offering two tickets for the price of one. To communicate the offer, the idea was based on true human insights about movie genres and entertainment. The result was a series of unique ads that bring out the different elements of what makes a movie much more enjoyable when watched with a friend. Li ...
Adventure Awaits
Adventure Awaits Venture forth with Lurpak® Cook's Range to embark on new #FOODADVENTURES in the kitchen. To new frontiers, adventurous cooks.
The Hamster Stunt: Charlie the Hero
The Hamster Stunt: Charlie the Hero A hamster wheel was mounted on the steering wheel and by running in different directions, Charlie was able maneuver the truck from the bottom to the top of the quarry, despite his minuscule weight of only 175 grams. (https://www.youtube.com)
The Technician
The Technician Roland Svensson's head measures 275 mm. The new Volvo FMX has 300 mm of ground clearance. See what a few centimetres more space can do. (http://www.fb.se)
Operation Christmas
Operation Christmas Operation Christmas was a campaign launched in Colombia during the Christmas season to encourage FARC guerrillas to demobilise. Lowe Ssp3 selected nine 75-foot trees along paths the insurgents used and decorated them with Christmas lights and a message encouraging them to come home. 331 guerrillas demobilized while the campaign was active, a 30% increase from the previous yea ...
A DRAMATIC SURPRISE ON A QUIET SQUARE TNT’s tagline is “We know drama”.  Instead of telling the TNT story to Flemish, Belgian people we decided to give them a story to tell. Triggering the unstoppable curiosity of people we placed a big red push button on an average Flemish square of an average Flemish town. The sign with the button invites people to “push to add drama”. And then we waited. ...
Who Cares
Who Cares To attract young people to an occupation where you have to give up your comfort to help others. Swedish armed forces created a scenario to determine how far people are prepared to go to help one another. A person was locked up in an enclosed box, he agreed to sit there until someone else willing replace him. Every hour a door would open and if someone was there he could leave the box w ...
Days of Hope 2013
Days of Hope Called 'Days of Hope', the idea originates from Saatchi & Saatchi Berlin (www.saatchi.de) and focuses on the impact the cold weather has on the many homeless people in Europe. Real people living on the streets are invited to a TV studio to present the weather in place of the regular weather-readers. When presenting the weather, the homeless person will allow the audience to take ...
Old Spice | Dadsong | #SmellcometoManhood To the delight of young men and the dismay of their mothers, Old Spice Re-fresh Body Sprays are here. Spray goodbye to boyhood. Smellcome to Manhood. (http://www.wk.com)
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2014 OPSM Penny The Pirate
2014 OPSM Penny The Pirate: Case Study OPSM is kicking off a campaign for parents to screen their children’s eyes at home with Penny the Pirate, an innovative free tablet app and book that combines storytelling with eye screening. Penny the Pirate combines clinical eye tests with the engaging story of a young girl on a quest to become captain of a pirate ship. Children interact with Pen ...
Nazis against Nazis
Nazis against Nazis – Germany's most involuntary charity walk How can a small town defend itself against an annual neo-Nazi demonstration after twenty years of legal action have failed? By changing the demonstration into a positive and joyful event: Germany’s first involuntary charity march. The longer the neo-Nazis march, the more money they raise. And even more provocatively, for an organisa ...
Family: Unskippable - GEICO
Family: Unskippable - GEICO (Extended Cut) "Family," in Geico's celebrated "Unskippable" preroll campaign from Martin in Richmond, Va., which presented the brand pitch in the first five seconds and then humorously showed characters pretending to be frozen as the action continued around them. "You can't skip this Geico ad because it's already over," the voiceover says. (http://www.adweek.com)  ...
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IKEA - Beds
IKEA - Beds  The advert highlights how we spend all year thinking about a summer holiday when in truth, we’ll probably have our best night’s sleep in our own bed. It’s the bed in which we spend the other 50 weeks of the year that really matters, and when it’s perfect for you - nothing else comes close. (http://www.motherlondon.com) Reference: http://www.ikea.com
Friends of the Earth: Tree Concert
  Friends of the Earth: Tree Concert The BUND want residents and tourists Berlin animate for donations for the preservation of endangered 400,000 city trees. The Agency solved the task very imaginative: they organized a charity concert with an original Testimonial - a 100 year old chestnut tree. For him, especially a unique musical instrument was built, a touch-sensitive membran ...
Oreo Daily Twist
Oreo Daily Twist As part of the 100th birthday celebration, this real-time effort captured current events through the lens of an OREO illustrating milestones, news, celebrations and pop-culture conversations for 100 straight days. Link: http://www.fcb.com/our-work/daily-twist
Folkoperan - Branding Case
Folkoperan - Branding Case People’s perception of Folkoperan is largely shaped by the plays they put on, and less by their reason to be – to make opera more accessible to everyone, regardless of age and background. This was the reason for a new design programme. The Art Deco inspired Opera house building. The building’s colourful red interior is carried through in our stationery and packa ...
Honda Honda H2O
Honda Honda H2O The FCX Clarity, that emits nothing but water from its exhaust, is a powerful example of Honda’s commitment to the environment. Virtually unknown in Australia, our job was to educate Australian drivers about the FCX and start a conversation about hydrogen fuel, inspiring them to find out more. So we created a brand of water called H2O, putting the FCX’s game-changing (and world ...
BGH - My home is an oven
BGH - My home is an oven During summer there are a lot of houses that practically turn into an oven. So BGH decided to grant extra discounts to the houses that get exposed more to the sun than others. They created a sunshine-hour based discount system together with Google maps. The more hours your house is exposed to the sun, the more discount you get on a BGH air conditioner. (http://creative ...